NASCAR Experience goes Beyond the Track


The race is on and NASCAR is determined to win.

With the start of the 2016 season underway, the racing giant also rolled out a new marketing campaign, with an attempt to engage fans like never before. The concept embraces the inner racer in all of us by allowing fans to compete, or “race”, one another on social media platforms to win race-used memorabilia.  The title of the campaign is “Ready. Set. Race,” and it launched during the Daytona 500 with #500.  Fans not only needed to watch the race on television, but also follow NASCAR on Twitter. Custom hashtags were then released in relation to each piece of memorabilia – think helmets, firesuits, steering wheels, etc. The 500th person to tweet that unique hashtag along with #daytona500 would win the “race” and the memorabilia.

It’s all about the NASCAR experience

NASCAR is focused on bringing fans an elevated race-day experience, and their integrated marketing strategy is proving to be successful.  By reaching beyond their television creative and into social handles, NASCAR hopes to bring a more well-rounded view of the sport. Also aiding in social-friendly exposure are the motorsports stadiums themselves. Many are enhancing technology to ensure that viewers attending the race have a heightened, ‘crash-free’ experience while posting in-the-moment photos and videos.  Jill Gregory, senior vice president of marketing and industry services says, “For us it’s a win/win, because fans across all our segments have a way to engage with NASCAR.” Another perk? Fans have the chance to engage directly with the drivers themselves. Dale Earnhardt Jr. hosted the first practice round for the Hashtag 500 and gave away a pair of his sunglasses to the winner.

This new initiative shows that NASCAR is willing to explore engagement beyond ticket sales and bring the experience directly to the fan. To find out how you can bring your experience to your fans, contact us here.