Make Your Brand Stand Out From the Crowd


It’s time to do something different. Here at Boxman Studios we believe that if we’re going to tackle a project – whether a VIP suite or a tailgating party experience – then we need to fundamentally change the concept of the experience. Is this a lofty expectation? Sure. But we want to leave a lasting impression on your audience. Forever.

For example, we are working with brands to change the experiential sports market. When we extend the experience beyond the game, concert, or event itself – we maximize brand interaction and our client’s return-on-investment. But first, you have to stand out from the crowd. So how exactly do we help you leave a lasting impact?

Understanding Your Brand Goals and Objectives

When you come to us to create a hospitality experience for a major event, we need to know exactly what it is you need the experience to do. For instance, IMG College approached us about an idea they had: a five-star tailgating party for college football fans.

Inspired by the high-end experiences at events like the Super Bowl and the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, IMG wanted to become synonymous with upscale pre- and post-game fun. Mission accomplished. The IMG Playmaker’s Club was a huge success and raised the bar for VIP hospitality. Forever.

By understanding what it is you’re looking for, we can fully customize a shipping container solution that will deliver on your brand objectives while engaging your audience and leaving a maximum impact.

Understanding Sponsorships

The risk brands face today is the same one they’ve faced forever – getting lost in the riffraff and noise created by competition. Sure, a brand might have the same old 10×10 tent and standard samples to hand out – but so does the competition. When you pay tens of thousands of dollars to participate in an event, you need to ensure that your investment stands to create the best results possible.

To truly stand out, you have to think outside of the 10×10 tent. You have to create a ripple effect of excitement and engagement – without blowing your entire budget. Understanding sponsorships can help.

For example, last Fall Turner Sports did a fantastic pre-game show in New York City to celebrate the start of the NBA on TNT. One of the event’s biggest sponsors was NBA 2K14. The #1 NBA video game franchise is no stranger to raising the bar themselves. We built and deployed a fully-branded shipping container that had space for gamers, a DJ, and Headline News live broadcast filming. Turner and NBA 2K14 created a great experience for fans that yielded a great ROI for each of them.

Staying on Top of Trends

Staying innovative, staying relevant: that’s what it takes to stand out. We stay on top of trends and actively seek out topics that our customers – and their customers – are excited about. Whether that means incorporating digital elements into our builds, or developing ways to get people talking about your experience on social media, we look for ways to help you create that ripple. Because let’s face it – in today’s world, one person talking about an event could turn into 1,000 people talking about it.

Our goal is to fundamentally change VIP hospitality in the sports world to ensure your brand stands out in a crowded marketplace with an immersive experience that your audience hasn’t seen before – but will definitely want to see again.