Leveraging Data: How Experiential Marketing Can Help You Learn More About Your Audience


If you’re waiting for customers to come to you … you’re going to have a long wait. Today’s consumers are inundated with advertising at a rate never before seen in history. Which is why until you go to them and provide real value, your brand runs the risk of getting lost in the blather of advertising, and marketing pitches by every other business on the planet. Shipping containers provide the opportunity to go where your audience is, attract them in a new way, and then learn more about them once you’re there.

Data Capture to Help You Get Your Audience’s Attention

Data capture is a vital element of your marketing efforts, so it shouldn’t be left out of your experiential marketing activities.

The specific metrics you use depend on your business model, what you are trying to achieve, and your brand’s definition of success. You may simply want to monitor how much foot traffic went through the experience or how many emails you collected. Or you could kick it up a notch and integrate social media to track fans after the event.

Whatever works best for you, an immersive shipping container environment helps facilitate your results. What do we mean? First, our shipping container structures attract people like nothing you’ve ever seen. But once you attract them, you get real, authentic fan engagement. When that happens, you stand to glean valuable intel on what it is they actually want – as well as what they don’t. You get insight into their buying habits. It’s a wealth of data all waiting to be captured.

Muscle Milk: Working the Social Media Muscle

In a recent experiential marketing project, Boxman Studios partnered with CytoSport to knock the socks off their customers. And data capture was a large part of the experience. CytoSport wanted to showcase their most renowned products, Muscle Milk and Monster Milk, at the Arnold Sports Festival.

This was their playground. Everyone who could possibly want to buy their product was there. This meant CytoSport could talk directly to their most valuable demographic and get feedback from their most dedicated fans. They could ask some big branding questions: What do people think of us? What are our customers buying? What products do they want to see more of? What do we need to improve on? They were definitely in the right place for answers.

CytoSport went beyond that, too. They tracked how many people signed up for nutritional plans designed by pro athletes; how many people opted to make supplements – and with which ingredients; how many of their fans joined the conversation with the #GiveMeStrength hashtag, and much more. Oh, and it certainly didn’t hurt that the physical structure we created for the brand was the talk of the show.

CytoSport was able to gauge the success of the experience – and plan strategically for the next one. That’s exactly what immersive shipping container experiences allow you to do. Bring your brand to the customer, and they’ll bring you the data and interaction you need to determine what’s going well, what’s not, and what your next experience should encompass.

Don’t wait for your customers to come to you. Deploy a shipping container experience that allows you to learn from them – where they are.