Implementing a Music Strategy for Branded Events with Eversong


“In the battleground for hearts & minds of consumers, music is one of the most powerful tools the brand can use.” – Daniel Jackson, Cord Worldwide 

Successful brands understand that the associative impact of music can connect them with their audience in a way that nothing else can. Music is a difference-maker. It evokes emotions and creates memories. It brings theater and energy to an experience. In 2016, an experiential campaign that ignores music altogether is hard to find. What are some things to consider when implementing a campaign that relies on music?

 Keep it goal-oriented.

Knowing your business and your audience, is crucial when determining the music to create the right brand experience. Who is your customer? What do they want out of life? What are you trying to say to them? What value do they find in your experience? Music communicates with our hearts and minds; it serves as a powerful connection to our emotions. Music is versatile, it can relax or invigorate us.  Music is memorable, it can instantly transport us.

Choose Wisely

The use of carefully selected music creates an immediate distinction for a brand by establishing the right mood. Your music and messaging solution will be designed to reach a desired audience, communicate a specific attitude, and create an ambiance that is relevant to  – and supportive of – your in-store experience. Choose the musical eras, styles, artists and songs that reflect the foundations of your brand. Start with concise, obtainable business objectives that foster the development of a clear concept, strategy and timeline. Success of music implementation relies heavily on a solid, long-term music strategy. Verify value, budget and economic realities and establish metrics for measuring that success.


When licensing music – whether on video, in-store, or for a live event – don’t just throw caution to the wind. Navigating the murky waters of music licensing on your own can prove complicated at best. There are liabilities, risks, and costs associated with the public performance of music. Tell your customers you respect the artist and songwriter by playing within the boundaries of legal music. Plan and budget for an expert.

At its core, music is a language. When used well, it can convey meaning with great clarity. Focus on music curation, artist discovery, customer loyalty, and leaving a memorable impression on consumers. Start with concise, obtainable business objectives that foster the development of a clear concept, strategy, budget & long-term timeline.

About Eversong

Eversong are best of breed specialists working with charismatic brands & creative agencies. We make music ideas happen by providing white label services including content acquisition, music licensing, integrated artist partnerships, copyright administration and digital media rights management.