How to Extend Your Brand Experience


Your brand experience starts (and ends) in your audiences’ driveway. Before they leave home to head to your event, your audience is thinking about your brand. And when they pull back into their driveway afterward, they’ll be thinking back on their participation at your event. Extending the longevity of your experiential marketing campaign beyond the event itself means that it works harder than traditional experiences.

Building Longevity into Your Brand Experiences

If you’re going to a football game, does your brand experience start when you walk through the stadium gates? Does it end when the ref blows the last whistle, or when you go to an after party that revels in the win or sympathizes in the loss?

It all depends on how you quantify “start” and “end.” At Boxman Studios, our commitment to building exceptional experiences means that we push those definitions further, helping you interact with your audience sooner, and following up with them later.

There are even times when a brand experience doesn’t have to “end.” With innovative data capture techniques you can interact with your audience long after an event is over. For theElectrolux mobile kitchen, for instance, participants designed their dream kitchen with an interactive monitor. Then, if they wanted their design and links to helpful information sent to them, they simply provided their email address so they could conveniently access their dream kitchen long after the event from the comfort of their living room couch. In this way, Electrolux was able to keep the conversation going.

While the technology we utilize depends on the audience and the specific opportunities available, our goal is to extend the brand experience and build longevity into your events.

If You Build It…

At Boxman Studios, we’re big believers that communities are made of people, and people are made of experiences. Different factors influence us, and there is no one way to figure out what a “sticky” moment will be – the moment someone has a serendipitous interaction that cements their belief and trust in a brand.

Each event is different, but when you create a compelling experience, the environment is ripe for serendipity to occur. With continuity and careful thought processes, we can help you create the conditions you need for impactful, sticky moments. Then all you have to do is, just add people.