How to Effectively Market at College Bowl Games


It’s never too early to have college football on the brain. With the regular season just around the corner, bowl games will quickly follow. That’s right – over 40 games played in about a three-week timeframe. It’s intense, to say the least. It’s also the perfect time to market your brand! In other words, the college football scene is where you want to be.

The crowds are HUGE

 If college football fans stand united on anything, it’s this: the entire experience is emotional. If their team makes it to a bowl game, the engagement and excitement are even higher. There’s no better time to capitalize on this engagement than when fans are tailgating. The diversity of people attending the event is invaluable. You have the opportunity to target men, women, families, and athletes.

Be specific to the experience

 As with any event, bowl games are the prime opportunity to launch a new campaign or product. It’s best to create content based around the experience of attending a bowl game. Offer incentives to fans who participate in your social media efforts. Social media is where it’s at – it’s free and easy exposure for your brand, and fans are quick to participate if there’s a hashtag involved. If you’ve got an interactive element to your physical presence, and market well in advance, you’re likely to see the great payoff.

 Piggyback on corporate sponsorship

 It seems the names of the bowl games change every year (although they are set in stone for the next three). The brands that sponsor the games are highly recognizable. But, with that recognition comes a hefty price. These corporations are shelling out millions to have their company logo painted on the 50-yard line. It goes without saying, not every brand can afford to do that. But, therein lies an opportunity. Take advantage of the association with these brands – you might not be the lead sponsor, but just surrounding yourself with the big dogs for a few hours could lead to great opportunities in the future.


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