How to Create an Unforgettable Brand Experience


Today’s consumer is constantly bombarded with brand messaging. It’s everywhere they turn. As a result, traditional thinking just doesn’t have the same impact as it did a few years ago. You have to think differently. You have to be willing to create relevant, sticky experiences for people.

Creating those kinds of experiences just happens to be what we do best at Boxman Studios. And we rely on the know-how, experience, and imagination of our people to do it. If a client poses an outlandish idea, makes an implausible request, or demands an unrealistic configuration, we don’t just brush it off – we look at it as a challenge and work with our customers to get as close to their original ideas as possible. The goal of this collaborative wisdom is to design, build, and deploy the kinds of experiences that their audience never forgets. Experiences that immerse them completely in a brand’s message.

Unforgettable – No Matter Which Team Won

One of our recent projects helped build memories for college football fans that they will always treasure – even if their team lost. The IMG Playmaker’s Club offered a fully immersive experience, which included a stage for live music and entertainment, food and beverage stations, air-conditioned lounges, LED TVs, and even a 20’ Jumbotron. When the concept was presented to us – nothing like it had ever been done before. There was no template. But through effective collaboration, we were able to design, build, and deploy a tailgate experience that fans will remember forever.

We strive to create unforgettable experiences for brands in a variety of venues, from tradeshows and B2B presentations to concerts and ball games. Your audience willremember when you provide them with a comfortable atmosphere that is conducive to their interests – and that is aligned with your goals.

Experiences that Evolve

One of the benefits of immersive experiences like the IMG Playmaker’s Club, the Hyundai Field House, or the Oreo Trending Vending Lounge is that participants look forward to what the brand has in store next. Thanks to their modular nature, we’re able to help brands continue successful campaigns and adapt them for future use. The other cool thing about shipping containers is that they’re made to move – and so they can seamlessly move into the future with innovative new applications.

We build products that are easy to change or modify from year-to-year and from campaign-to-campaign. Convey different messages, promote different products, or appeal to different segments of the audience. You can do it because everything in your shipping container is modular, and you have total control over your assets. Today’s clients need to justify each dollar of their budget; when a shipping container experience can grow with their brand needs and continue to engage audiences, they will realize a much greater return on their investment.

Here at Boxman Studios, we take the idea of total immersion literally. We want to help you create experiences for your audience that leaves them wanting more.