How Porsche Used Containers to Take Fans on an Emotional Journey


Experiences are difficult to quantify and replicate because they are, by nature, so singular. An experience only happens once, between one person and (in this case) one brand. That’s why experts and bloggers are forced to speak in generalities and platitudes. Boxman Studios sees remarkable experiences brought together through intentional use of design and space every day. But, can we show you how to use these techniques and implement them using your own brand’s story and guidelines? Should we tell you to spend time tickling senses, focus on the welcome, build anticipation, and deliver on expectations? Or, is it better to show you how one of the greats tactically implements these techniques to guide event attendees on an emotional journey?

Porsche is an amazing brand, not only because of the outstanding product they provide, but because of the way they develop emotional connections with the individuals that love them most. This is perfectly exemplified in their Destination Drives traveling experience.

Spending Time Tickling the Senses

Race tracks are a natural sensory experience. Smells of exhaust, gasoline, and freshly cut grass set the scene for a day focused on fast, luxury vehicles. Revving engines in the distance cause your heart to beat faster, meeting a rhythm proposed by finely tuned engines. The morning sun gleaming into your eyes, making the structure just ahead almost impossible to see. But as you cross the threshold, into its massive shadow, your vision clears, and you see where you’ll be spending the next few hours. A two-story regal structure composed of clean lines, smooth panels, and “Porsche” stamped across the side in a pristine black and white palate.

The visual, auditory and olfactory elements of this event not only support the brand experience, but trigger emotional reactions in attendees. Never underestimate the role senses play in your immersive experience.Shipping Container Modification

The Welcome

The foyer of a home is an important indication of what you may expect to find once inside. The entrance of an experience is no less important. An expertly designed space will welcome you, and set expectations for what the day may bring. A prelude tells the important background of the story. The entrance of Porsche’s container experience tells a tale of precise design, performance, and luxury. Visual cues, including explanatory imagery of Porsche’s crest and a timeline allowing attendees to look back on Porsche’s history of design, provide an authentic opportunity for fans to develop an emotional connection with the brand’s story.


Building Anticipation

Upstairs, attendees found a classroom, with rows and rows of seats. Here, they trickle in getting a lay of the land and anxiously awaiting instructions. Floor to ceiling windows provide a wide view of the track, still slick with morning dew. Gazing out, guests can’t help but picture themselves behind the wheel, tearing down a track, leaving cares and burning rubber in their wake. Excitement and anticipation growing as each attendee asks himself, “When can I get in the driver’s seat of this beautiful machine?”

Ride and Drive Experience

Delivering on Expectations

Throughout the Lifestyle Drive, guests experience key features of the models, highlighting everyday usability. Featuring the Panamera 4S and Cayenne GTS for this drive, guests see firsthand how Porsche is not an everyday sports car, but a sports car for every day.

Next, attendees experience the thrill of driving a Porsche on a racetrack. Instructors pace the participants around a challenging layout in a Porsche 718 Boxster S, 718 Cayman S, 911 Carrera S, and the 911 Carrera GTS. Through right-seat instruction, guests complete a dynamic driving exercise highlighting acceleration, braking, and handling abilities of the Macan GTS.

And, at the end of each session, participants ride along on the racetrack with our certified Porsche Sport Driving School instructors in a Panamera Turbo. As a passenger they witness the potential of the Panamera Turbo firsthand.


This is the kind of experience that lingers with people for a lifetime. Every element, from the structure to the instructor has been thoughtfully curated and planned to close the gap between Porsche and their brand advocates. Interested in using containers to develop lasting memories through remarkable brand experiences? Fill out our contact form below.