How Brands Can Turn ‘Like’ into ‘Love’


How do you create an effective immersive brand experience and stay within budget? How do you stand out from the crowd and interact with your audience in a meaningful way? These are questions all brands ask themselves today, and at Boxman Studios, we’re committed to helping you find the answers.

A Strategic Approach to Audience Engagement

Focus on what your consumers expect from you. Rather than trying to go all out and touch every single person you can, concentrate on those individual experiences that are going to make a big impact on consumers. If you are at an event with 80,000 people, you don’t have to touch every single one. That’s just not realistic.

What is realistic, though, is reaching out to the 1,000, 2,000, or 3,000 people who will say, “I had the greatest experience.” There’s a difference between “liking” a brand and “loving” a brand. You want to touch the ones who will love you. They’re the ones who will stick by you – and talk to their friends, relatives, co-workers, and neighbors about you.

Love: Turning Good Experiences into Brand Advocacy

A good product or service isn’t always enough anymore; customers want experiences. For instance, someone visits your VIP lounge at an event. They might like what you have to offer; but why will they love your brand?

Maybe it’s because of your stellar customer service and the way your reps took the time to show a feature on an interactive screen. Maybe it’s the thoughtful touch of offering a power station to recharge phones, or offering beverages to quench their thirst. Maybe it’s the way that your activation converged with an experience they had with your brand online. But more than likely it won’t be just one thing – but the cumulative effect of all of these details coming together for an impactful experience – one that encourages them to tweet, “I love this brand!” or tell their friends to visit your location, follow you on Facebook, or check out your products or services.

Social media has only made word-of-mouth that much more powerful. These customers may be able to reach 8 million people with one tweet about the great experience they had. They are brand advocates now.

Sharing the Love

Make sure the people who mean the most to you are well taken care of and have a terrific experience. Customers who love your brand will recommend you to other people. If they’re indifferent, or you’re just “ok,” they won’t bother. We know. We built our own company exclusively on social media and word-of-mouth.

For instance, if someone says, “Boxman’s fine. They’re ok,” they’re not going put themselves out to recommend us to their colleagues or connections. But if we really take a customer’s idea and blow it out of the water, they’re going to love it because we helped them solve a problem or create something that hadn’t been done before.

At Boxman Studios, we’re committed to helping you shift your customers’ perceptions. By creating immersive brand experiences that go the extra mile, that go beyond “ok,” we help you influence the people who matter.