How Brands Benefit from Election Activations


When developing marketing and advertising campaigns, experts are looking to make authentic connections with their customers, communicate their value propositions, and motivate their audience to take action. One technique for building connections with an audience is to leverage special events or cultural changes to frame the brand in a certain light. These larger phenomena are ideal because they have a large, day-to-day impact on most people who participate in the culture. They’re commonality we all share, which means brands and messages become more relatable to more people when they leverage those large events.  

Election campaigns are a particularly potent strategy because they have a major impact on most people’s lives, give an opportunity for brands to support causes that align with their values, and offer opportunities to increase a brand’s reach via trending topics. 


Demonstrate Your Brand’s Relevance 

A brand’s relevance is directly tied to a customer’s belief that a brand’s offering is appropriate for their wants or needs. One of the ways to achieve relevance is to empathize with your customers and tailor your messaging to the things that are happening in their life right at that moment. When brands can create these one-on-one conversations with customers and lengthen those interactions with thoughtful activations, they’re demonstrating to that person that they understand what’s going on in that customer’s life. When a brand can make those authentic connections, people attach more value to the offerings. Afterward, they are more likely to choose that brand, even when an alternative brand is presented.  


Aligning Your Brand with its Values  

During general elections, most networks focus on the presidential candidates and their parties. Although it can sometimes feel like the election is only a presidential vote, it’s not. Election years are a time when people are discussing and debating important issues, some will fall into the scope of a brand’s values. Elections campaigns can be a great way to show your support for the things your customers and employees care about. 84% of event activation attendees say they have a more positive opinion about the brand being promoted after the event. Aligning your marketing campaigns with your ideology has a big impact on your customers.  


Increase Your Campaign’s Impressions and Reach 

98% of users feel more inclined to purchase after attending an activation. 

70% of users become regular customers after an experiential marketing event. 

With numbers like that, it’s easy to see how a brand could leverage large events like the Democratic National Convention or the Republican National Convention to rake in a huge number of impressions and increase their reach. The best marketing opportunity for leveraging a general election cycle is called newsjacking. It’s the process of aligning the brand with a breaking news story and using the story’s momentum to temporarily expand your audience beyond its typical reach.  



Iconic brands know how an election campaign can help them to demonstrate relevance, align with their core values, and increase their reach. Just check out these activations by Facebook and GoogleIf you’d like more information about how to activate election events or to learn about our experience at the RNC and DNC, please fill out our contact form.