Giving Exhibits an Experiential Twist


Trade Shows are already an integral part of many marketing plans. When 67% of all attendees represent a new potential customer for exhibitors, why wouldn’t they be? That number is respectable, but what if it isn’t enough? Enter experiential. According to EventTrack, 98% of attendees feel more inclined to purchase after attending an experiential activation. How can you employ these tactics to reach more people during your tradeshows? Read some of our most successful tips below!

Being different makes a difference

Delivering your message in a unique and innovative way makes a big difference with conference attendees.  To start, take advantage of the lobby. An initial marketing pitch before they enter the exhibition hall is a useful tactic, if it’s done right. And, don’t forget about your fellow vendors. Taking time to walk around and getting to know the other exhibitors. They may send prospects your way, or become your next client. This key strategy sees huge success, and is severely underutilized.

Plan for active participation

What sets an exhibit apart from the rest? Marketers have a million names for it but ultimately, the difference between a ROI and zilch is grabbing attention. Gamification can be a useful tool when trying to draw focus, but don’t turn your back on tried-and-true tactics. Seating areas and charging stations don’t require you to be particularly innovative, but I guarantee you’ll be appreciated. After a long day of roaming the floor, both attendees and their phones need a charge. Be the booth that lends them a hand while they lend their ear.

When you want it, ask

If you’re already closing deals on the exhibit floor, give yourself a pat on the back. You are either a very good salesperson or working with an exceptional brand. For the rest of us, the sales come later, and that’s okay. But there are little pitches along the way to a deal that are imperative to the process. While you have their attention, in your booth, give them a call to action. Should they download your app? Do you provide special deals on social channels? Know how are you already converting prospects and utilize that channel during the show. Remember, it won’t ever happen if you don’t ask.

Our clients have the most success integrating experiential elements into their event schedule. For more information about how we help our clients develop unique booths that grab attention, and convert leads, download our eBook or fill out our contact form below.