Experiential Marketers Need Good Vendors


Boxman Studios acts like a partner. We’re dedicated to guiding you through your build, helping you make informed decisions, and making sure you get the value out of your container space. The partnership mentality makes us a great vendor, and it means we know what to look for when searching for our own vendors. Here are a few key dynamics that we embody every day to be a great vendor and partner to you.

Flexible and Adaptable

The scope and complexity of our projects means we’re often dealing with companies at many different levels and people at many different positions. With that breadth and depth of knowledge, we get that expectations of marketers are constantly changing and whether you’re part of an agency or an in-house department, you must be flexible and adaptable in your role. We work in much the same way. Because everything from sales to welding happens under one roof, we have the flexibility to zig when your boss wants to zag. Our ability to turn around change-orders quickly makes us a good vendor, our expert ability to support and adapt with you makes us an even better partner.

Help you to strategize

In 2015 it was “disruption.” In 2016 it was “authenticity.” This year will bring a new buzzword, with a similar goal. You must break through the noise to reach your market, or customers on a personal level. People consume hundreds and even thousands of sales pitches in a day. Most of them go unnoticed. The best get notices, the most relevant get a response.

The job isn’t finished until it’s finished

The above statement is part of our corporate mission. So, from the c-suite to internships, we live by results. We aren’t selling you half-baked cookies and we aren’t working to cross items off our list. Everyone at our facility is 100% focused on providing a creative, collaborative, and mutually beneficial relationship with our clients.

The best client relationships are built from merit and a deep understanding of your vision and goals. When we deliver results, good things happen. If you’d like to learn more about how we work as a partner and a stellar vendor, contact us through the form below. You’ll find that our client experience is as sharp as our 90 degree corners.