Copycat Containers


Imitation might be the highest form of flattery, but I say, “Why imitate when you can dominate?”
Everyone wants the container look. Let’s face it, they’ve dropped a few jaws in their time. And that’s what makes Boxman Studios famous. We take ordinary containers and make them into hospitality suites, concession stands, and over-the-top tailgate parties so cool you’ll have to pinch yourself.

I promise, you’re not dreaming. 

Starbucks put together a pretty cool experience at this outdoor mall. It has that oh-so-edgy container look (minus the shipping container). But, did they work too hard, wait too long and pay too much to get it there?


We’re a one stop shop shaking up experiences with mobile shipping container suites for brands with big brains and big ideas.  We’re in the business of being better, faster, saferand smarter.  Don’t be afraid to bring us a challenge. The jaw-dropping, eye-popping, swagger inducing, “you’re so getting a raise” space is our specialty.
And that’s ‘cause we’re the real deal.