Boxman Studios to Launch Kinetic Series


CHARLOTTE, NC, June 20, 2017– Boxman Studios, innovation leader for the shipping container modification industry, will begin launching NEW products every month starting in July 2017. The collection has been named the Kinetic Series to honor shipping containers’ original purpose, mobility. Underneath the umbrella series name, Boxman Studios will be developing products into two product lines; Dynamic Line and Performance Line.

“Boxman Studios is already known for offering the best custom solutions for container-based and purpose-built structures, from ideation to installation,” said Matt Wilson, Creative Director Boxman Studios. “We are always searching for and learning about new methods and materials, and the Kinetic Series takes advantage of that. Boxman has taken our favorite (and your favorite) designs, builds, and deployment methods, and is offering them at an entry-level price point with made-to-order options. The Kinetic Series will be a perfect complement to Boxman’s custom-built journey, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to share it with you.” 

About Kinetic Series

Utilizing modified shipping containers and purpose-built container structures, Kinetic Series is the compilation of Boxman Studios’ standardized offerings for Food and Beverage, Retail, and Experiential Marketing. Designed for remarkable experiences. Developed for quality and durability. Deployed at an unbeatable value. The Kinetic Series brings container architecture back to its roots by focusing on simplicity, mobility, and above all, functionality.

Dynamic Line

Dynamic Line offers an agile solution for your vending and event programs. Characterized by their small footprints and easy-to-activate designs, these models are the nimble storefronts you can take wherever your business goes

Performance Line
Boxman Studio’s most robust offering, the Performance Line is equipped with all the features you need to set up shop. With options for food and beverage, retail, and marketing experiences these power-house structures are more than just eye candy, they have comparable functionality, in an efficient footprint. Designed for commerce, and built for modularity these structures say you mean business.

About Boxman Studios

Boxman Studios is the industry leader for high-quality, high-finish kinetic architecture. Utilizing modified shipping containers, and purpose-built structures, the company designs, develops, and deploys custom-built structures for food service, retail, and experiential marketing. Since it’s inception, Boxman Studios has created remarkable experiences for clients including Chick-fil-a, Google, adidas, Facebook, BMW, TaylorMade, Lays, Muscle Milk, and Oreo.


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