Bodega: Intentional Design


Innovation isn’t about a single life-changing idea. Sometimes it’s more about piecing together the parts of your craft or business that work well, in a totally new and different way. As our New Product Development team continues to develop the Kinetic Series, we rely on intentional design to make these structures the most useful, beautiful, and affordable spaces for doing business.

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Bodega’s 8’x8’ footprint has a very intentional purpose. First, we wanted to ensure that our build could be light, mobile, and fit into a standard 10’x10’ event space, even with activated awnings. Our event professionals and temporary retailers stress the importance of staying within your footprint. We’ve maximized Bodega’s space so you have plenty of room without breaking any festival, tradeshow, or event rules.

  • 8’X8’ Footprint
  • Fits into a 10’x10’ with awnings open


Particularly in way-finding, utilizing light can be unbelievably effective at drawing attention and customers! We incorporated light into this design in three unique ways. First, the skylight brightens up your space, making it an enjoyable place to work, and saving on power and/or generator capacity. Second, we felt it extremely important to incorporate opportunities for solar power in this design. We know going off-grid can be challenging, but with Bodega’s open-air design, skylight, and low-draw electronics, saving can become a little bit easier. Our awnings were specially designed to incorporate solar panels, to help reduce the need for power and to be a little kinder to the environment! Finally, we’ve had great success incorporating LED wash lighting in our structures. What better way to draw in a crowd, than to wash your storefront in light? Change the colors to represent your brand, to customize Bodega for a holiday, or to celebrate a special sports team. The possibilities are endless!

  • Shaded Triangle Skylight
  • Transom Windows
  • Optional Solar Power Integrations
  • RGB LED washing downlights for custom colors

Form and Function

Form and function are two sides of the same coin.  Without one, the other is less impactful. That’s why we put tons of thought into how Bodega should look and how it should work. From the moment a customer steps up, they’re greeted with fold-out menus that double as the employee entrance and a 48” TV, for displaying your offerings or branded content.  Warm wood finishes and a dual-pitched roof create an interesting focal point, and visually guides passing foot traffic, while simultaneously shedding rain water away from users.

  • Two Awnings
  • Cedar Accent Cladding
  • 48” HD TV
  • Foldable Countertops
  • Wall-Mounted Fan
  • Dual Pitched Roof
  • Cabinets


From the materials we use to each element of the design, we’ve incorporated all our cost-saving knowledge to be able to offer Bodega to you at the most affordable price possible. Below is a list of our most popular options, for additional cost.

  • Custom self-loading and unloading trailer, towable by a mid-size vehicle, complete with mechanized legs
  • Solar power options for auxiliary power generation
  • Upgrade from white to our pre-selected black, blue, yellow, red, or green finish on wall panels and exterior paint for an additional $500
  • Choose any PMS color finish (price varies)
  • Branding packages
  • Merchandising and POS package