Beyond the “Wow”: Shipping Containers as a Practical Marketing Tool


“Wow” wears off. Today’s trendy, innovative experience is tomorrow’s “meh.” That’s why Boxman Studios is committed to two goals: one, pushing the outside edges of the envelope every day so that we’re creating something people haven’t seen before. And two, ensuring that our shipping container structures provide maximum value and practicality for brands. Wow isn’t enough. Luckily, we have plenty more.

Why Do Brands Use Shipping Containers?

One of the first questions we ask clients is, “Why do you want a container? What are you trying to achieve?” The answers vary. Some need:

  • A semi-permanent structure. A popup convenience store, for instance, needs to be a strong, weather-resistant, secure structure that can attract customers at events or during the construction process as the main store is built. At the same time, the structure can be transported and redeployed wherever else it’s needed.
  • Maximum impact in minimal space. Some tradeshows, festivals, and other events limit brands to a small footprint. How can they make the best use of it? Shipping containers can be constructed to suit a variety of size requirements, and they can be configured in multiple ways to best utilize the space (i.e. if you can’t build out, build up!)
  • Help with permitting. Boxman Studios’ containers meet and exceed the most stringent codes in the country. As a result, they’re ready to deploy in virtually any city with minimal hassle. A popup restaurant, for instance, can be ready to serve tapas and cold drinks nearly instantaneously – while a regular restaurant would have to wait months for permitting, let alone construction.
  • Wow. Ok, containers still wow. Some customers want to create an experience unlike anything their audience has seen before. They want to include data capture, celebrity appearances, brand ambassadors, or custom signage so that people walk away knowing they’ve had the best experience possible.

It all comes down to this: What are you trying to accomplish? And are shipping containers the best solution for your brand?

Shipping Containers Have to Make Sense

As shipping container structures become more mainstream, they have to go beyond innovative “wow” experiences to offer practical solutions. That’s why we strive to make our shipping containers solutions so accessible that virtually any brand can leverage these types of experiences. We’re constantly asking ourselves: how can we make them easier to set up? How can we make them easier and less expensive to transport? How can we provide excellent products at a variety of price points? How can we make them even more “plug and play”?

Shipping containers can still be innovative; they can still be fresh and edgy. They just have to be more. We have you covered.