Benefiting from Collaboration


As the leading provider of kinetic architecture to experiential marketing, event, and agency clients we are 100% focused on designing, developing and deploying the highest standard and most customizable activations on the market. Thus, we use a sliding scale of price and collaboration. You determine how engaged you need us to be in the project based on your own resources and capacity.

Our unique process means “customization” isn’t limited to the container, its configuration, or the activation. Whether it’s a repurposed shipping container, a purpose-built structure, or something in between, we customize the process, timelines, and best practices to meet your specific needs.

During our first conversations, some clients ask for a catalogue of products. Because we are a custom manufacturer, we haven’t productized all of our designs. But, it’s often helpful to browse our website and Flickr gallery to see diverse examples of our work. These resources will give you a taste of our capabilities, but each project is unique in its goals and how they manifest in the final structure. That’s why we ask you to research, and show us examples of what you’re imagining. We’ve got a wide breadth of projects, but we haven’t done everything. Luckily our research and development team is ready to tackle any challenge that you may bring to the table.

We consider ideas from everywhere. If you’ve already developed designs, send them over. We’ll help you make it a reality. If you’re still in the conceptual phase, send over a landscape, or Pinterest board to help us understand the feeling you’re trying to achieve. Any insights you can give us are necessary to creating the design and build the event that you want, exactly the way you want.

A quick lease campaign will most likely only require a brief design and develop process, with a more intensive deploy engagement. In those cases, you’re spending time exploring our rental inventory and determining what modifications need to be made, if any. Other times, you may need our experts to take your project through the entire design, engineering, and manufacturing process before it gets deployed to your event.

The good news is, we’re flexible enough to accommodate any level of service you may require. Regardless of how much or little collaboration you need, we deliver a premium product and consistent experience that reflects your brand’s identity and engages your audience in ways you never thought possible.

Contact our team to start a conversation about how we can make your next event an iconic experience for your audience.