Adapt to Survive: Why Your Marketing Team is Losing Money by Thinking Short-Term


It’s January 2016, you’re sitting down with your marketing team figuring out how to best promote your brand this year and there are a handful of major events that you need to hit. First you’ll call your exhibit designer to get ready for a couple of trade shows. Then you’ll meet with your Agency of Record for a big experiential event that will be part of your new ad campaign. Next will be your Event Marketing Company for the sports activations you want to do. Oh and don’t forget about coordinating with your In-house Team to plan the corporate event at your headquarters.

You’ve now invested in four separate teams to coordinate four events and four assets which all are trying to achieve the same goal. To engage with your stakeholders and turn them into brand advocates. Why not instead use this opportunity to consolidate four budgets into one, creating one cohesive effort to hit all the needed touchpoints throughout the year?

Enter the modified shipping container (Cue flying doves and singing choir).

The shipping container inherently lends itself to being adaptable, durable, and most of all, scalable. Meaning it can easily be designed to tackle all of your event needs while still being fully customizable to your audience. Let’s hit these one at a time.


Fold down walls, removable doors, retractable awnings, moving displays – the list goes on and on. We design each of our structures to conform to your needs, not the other way around. Our projects are often required to be multi-function environments, and with relative ease we can create interchangeable branding spaces, and/or a modifiable footprint that can adapt to your location, and more importantly, your audience.

BoxmanStudios-HyundaiGainesvilleFL-100513-MattPendleton-03   IMG_0990   backClean
*The Hyundai Field House traveled to over 30 college football games in it’s first year, and had to ensure it had customized branding for each team. Hyundai has rebranded this environment for multiple tours in 2014 & 2015


The average trade show booth lasts a year, two if you’re lucky. Not to mention the pieces that go missing from show to show. Our big steel boxes, although highly-transportable, are also highly-durable. They can withstand ocean travel for over 20 years if allowed, so moving from city-to-city for your events is no problem at all. So provided you don’t try to drop your container environment from a large crane, your marketing asset will remain in top condition – and even then, you’ll probably do more damage to the asphalt than our container.


Your audience will grow, which means your needs will grow, so your product line will grow, and your brand will grow. So what good are marketing assets that can’t grow with you? Our container environments are essentially large-scale building blocks. Which means you can add or takeaway to a footprint at will. Even more functional is the ability to send different pieces of your environment to different locations and then bring them back together for your more prominent events.

IMG_20140803_082119   IMG_8180    DSCN2328
*The environments we built for Cytosport were used as separate pieces and in conjunction with additional materials to create a footprint four times the original size.

In short, your marketing team needs to be as efficient as possible, and prepared for the future. One way to do that is by investing in marketing assets that can adapt with your brand and your needs. We create spaces that move your audience no matter where they are, and we do it with materials that won’t fall apart after one event.