5 Ways Boxman Adds Value to Your Experiential Marketing Campaign


At Boxman Studios “being better” is what motivates us; the drive to be better than our competitors, to be better than we were yesterday, to be even better tomorrow. Most importantly, we strive to give our customers better experiences. So, what can you expect when you work with Boxman Studios?

We create seamless and measurable experiences.

We don’t just take the order and deliver a box to our customers. We ask: how do we create one great, holistic experience? How can we make it measurable so the agency or brand can accurately determine their return on investment (ROI)? Whether it’s implementing a new data capture method or integrating interactive technology, we look at the overall experience to ensure our customers meet their goals.

We reduce the numbers of vendors clients have to deal with.

Trying to coordinate, schedule, and communicate with multiple vendors can be a logistical nightmare. We offer a turnkey solution, greatly reducing the number of vendors that our customers need to handle – and, hopefully, greatly reducing their stress!
We connect with innovative partners.

We connect to innovative partners.

If you need someone to work on your house, would you choose a contractor blindly out of the phone book? Or would you ask your friends and neighbors for recommendations? It’s the same in the business world; we have done our due diligence and are confident in our partner’s abilities to deliver innovative, creative results. We only work with the best of the best.

We stay on top of industry news.

Our clients are usually the driving force here! They come in and challenge us to build in ways that we never have before. We have to constantly search out what’s going on in the industry and how we can apply that learning to our structures. We don’t want to follow trends; we’d rather start them! At the same time, it’s important to be able to discuss them with our customers and give them a sense of what’s happening in the industry.

We stay curious.

I always try to put myself on the other side of the desk: If I were this client, what would help me be successful? There is a culture of curiosity at Boxman Studios; we continually ask ourselves, “Now what? What’s next? What can we do today?” We have a lot of creative people with diverse interests. When we bring those ideas together, we can develop new ideas and new ways of doing what we do and more effective, efficient, imaginative ways to meet our customers’ needs.

From design to delivery, Boxman Studios wants to make every step of the process engaging, convenient, and fun. Our goal is to deliver outstanding experiences for our customers so they can deliver outstanding experiences for theirs.