5 Examples of a Shipping Container Light Show


This April, we introduced you to one of our newest technology partners, G-SMATT America, a really cool company from South Korea. They have developed a special architectural-grade glass that uses embedded LED lights to create a window product that works as transparent glass and multi-media light displays which can include photos, motion graphic, interactive games, and much more. If you missed the last post, you can check it out here. It outlines some of their products’ possibilities and the product we’ve been working on together, G-Tainer.

They’ve recently sent over some videos from their most recent activations, and we just had to show you! Below are brief explanations of each event, a link to the corresponding video, and what the video shows you as relates to product specs and possibilities.


Rouche Diagnostics Oncology Solutions at ASCO 2019

Although we work with G-SMATT exclusively on their G-Tainer products (because we’re the shipping container experts, duh), the company has other G-glass products which include the G-SPIN. It’s L-shaped with 8 panels, to create a structure that has two adjacent facades of light-up G-Glass. It’s ideal as a DJ stand, an event check-in location, or a step and repeat. Rouche used it to accent their exhibit at the ASCO conference this year. As one part of their programming, G-SMATT reskinned their bubble game to include cancer cells, which a player must pop, and good red blood cells, which the player must avoid. To play the game, you can use an application downloaded to a smart device or take advantage of G-SMATT’s motion detection technology to make your body the game controller.


Myungbo Art Hall- Seoul, South Korea

This art hall is an excellent example of how G-Glass can be installed for permanent use in large-scale architectural projects. Here, you’ll see over 100 panels. With this amount of surface area, the images and motion graphics used can communicate more fine details and has a huge visual impact on a cityscape. This video shows how easy it is to change out the artwork, use motion and write text all from an iPad application. You’ll also see more game options that G-SMATT has created for the glass including:

Fireworks light show. The program allows you to choose your explosion shape and color. Trace your finger along the path you with the firework to follow and watch it repeat your movements on the glass.

Interactive Fishing Game. Cast your line, using the app available on smart devices, and watch your hook appear amongst the fish projected in the glass.


 LFA Royal Exchange Dinner – One G-Tainer

In this video, you can see the impact a single G-Tainer unit has on an event space. The immersive technology allows for content creators to put their event guests inside an augmented reality experience. Because they can be in front of one image and behind another, while still visible through the glass, we can create depth of field for photo opportunities or special performances. This clip also demonstrates how the programming and games mentioned above (fireworks, fishing, bubble pop) can look in daylight and scaled-down to four panels (per 20’ side) versus the hundreds of panels used at Myungbo Art Hall.


Axiom at an Indoor Trade Show Axiom – Two G-Tainers

Axiom used G-Tainer for their trade show exhibit, but the versatile spaces were also used as a hospitality area serving food, beverages, and offering private meeting spaces. The two stacked containers give Axiom the height they needed for way-finding at the conference and the brightly-lit display attracted attention while also providing ambient light and branding opportunities to display their logo and campaign messaging, as it scrolls across the panels.


In Play Matrix– Three G-Tainers

For a more visually striking booth, In Play Matrix used three containers at the ICE 2019 gaming conference focused on esports. The L-shaped footprint was created from two containers stacked together and an adjoining container with an upper deck. The upper deck can be used for meetings or to escape from the crowded floor. Instead of an upper deck, clients often stack four containers, two high like Perform did here.



For more information on how to lease G-Tainer for your events and experiential marketing campaigns, download the deck below or fill out our contact form to speak to one of our representatives.

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