4 Simple Marketing Lessons for Startup Businesses


These days, start-ups are trending for good reason. The fun, entrepreneurial environments get people excited, but creating a new business can feel daunting without a vision or direction for the future. There are a lot of moving pieces, and the path to success is a sky-high tightrope walk. Here are a few lessons start-up businesses can learn from marketers.

 Get Feedback

 For startups, feedback is crucial in figuring out what works and what fails. Sometimes, negative feedback can be tough to swallow, but it’s probably something you need to hear to grow. Always make it extremely easy for users to send you feedback, and encourage people to do so whenever possible.

Start Small and Grow

 Confucius said, “The man who chases two rabbits, catches neither”.

Carve a niche. Trying to be everything to everyone is a recipe for disaster. When you try to appeal to everyone, you quickly learn two things; 1) it takes up almost all your time, and 2) it’s next to impossible. Eventually, you must accept that not everyone will need you or your product or service.

Instead, have a clear vision that appeals to a strategic niche, and stick to it! For us, it was kinetic architecture. To be successful, you don’t have to appeal to everyone. Deliver to the people that matter most.

Once you have dominated you first niche, make a strategic move onto the next one, with the results from your first. Become the big fish in a small pond, before moving to the next pond.

Let Your Fans Do the Talking

If you create something remarkable, people will talk about it and share it with their friends. Be able to effectively communicate your brand story, keep things simple, and remember to let your fans be the face of it all. Their stories can be incredibly powerful, and are a great way to promote your offerings.

Understand your Buyer Persona

 The more you know and understand about your target audience, the more you can create better experiences, and better marketing material. This works hand-in-hand with carving your niche in the marketplace. When you’ve done your research, and established there’s an interest in what you have to offer, you’ll be able to deliver the right offer to the right people in your niche. Ultimately, you should deliver as much value as possible!

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