3 Ways the G-Tainer Transforms Your Exhibit


We have some big news we’re excited to share! To continue our pursuit of innovation in the event industry, we’ve partnered with an outstanding company that will bring our event offerings to a completely new level!  

G-SMATT (our new best friends) are the exclusive creator and provider of G-Glass. The industry-changing commercial grade glass is embedded with micro-LED technology to deliver media content. Their glass has won tons of awards like 


Best New Technology Product 

Best use of Technology for Engagement & Interaction 

International Tech Company 2018 

Event Industry Product of the year 2018 


In short, the fully transparent LED Glass is the next generation of event technology.  

When you combine their unbelievable glass with our shipping container event spaces, you get G-Tainer. Each modular structure employs brightly lit media displays and G-Glass for exhibiting and events. G-Tainers can be leased individually for smaller footprints, side-by-side for a larger space, stacked for large-scale media displays, or combined with modified shipping containers for a visually-striking, custom layout.  

In an industry like ours, the next big thing is always just over the horizon. More important than the next big thing? How can use these innovative solutions to make your events better, make your jobs easier, and blow your clients’ expectations out of the water? Here are three ways the G-Tainer does just that:  

The Glass

The glass is 99.7% transparent- quite a feat for a product that will be displaying video, motion graphics, still graphics, photography, games, and interactive experiences. The energy efficient smart glass allows for durability, transparency, full lighting, and interactive media capabilities all in one product.  

Typical products that offer visual projection use:  


LED panels (creates division lines between panels and is not see-through)   

LED Panel

Outside LED Panel


Led Panel

Inside LED Panel


Linear Set Up (which obstructs the view with rows of lights) 

linear display

Inside Linear Type


linear display

Inside Linear Type


linear display

Outside Linear Type


Linear display

Outside Linear Type


Metallic Fabric (obstructs the view with vertical and horizontal lines) 

Metal Fabric Display

Outside Metal Fabric

Metal Fabric Display

Inside Metal Fabric


The problem with these products is that they cannot achieve the projection functionality with transparent glass. This means that when the structure is turned off, the product is ugly. Turn off G-Cube’s programming and the screen returns to its day job, good ol’ glass.  



The Programming

 Motion Recognition 

G-SMATT INTERACTIVE: Motion recognition from Casey Kee-Choel Chang on Vimeo.


Sound Recognition 


Live Projection 

G-SMATT INTERACTIVE – Real-time Media Art on your building! from Casey Kee-Choel Chang on Vimeo.


Real-Time Writing 

G-SMATT INTERACTIVE – Paint Your Building! from Casey Kee-Choel Chang on Vimeo.



Interactive: ZABA Game from Casey Kee-Choel Chang on Vimeo.


Selfies and Photo Ops

LUNAR NEW YEAR : G-PHOTOZONE from Casey Kee-Choel Chang on Vimeo.



The Container

Let’s face it, event producers have a hard enough job. If there was one way to reduce the stress and mistakes that are endemic in the event industry, containers would be the answer.  


They Elevate Experiences 

Event Marketing with Shipping Containers

In a sea of boring tents, be a shipping container!  

They’re Transformers 

Fold down walls, removable doors, retractable awnings, moving displays– The list goes on  

They’re Customizable

Container Event Marketing

They’re Off Your Books Faster 

By utilizing Boxman Studios’ product, our clients have the opportunity to receive tax benefits. Based on IRS Publication 946, container structures are categorized as a 7-year tax life property. Specifically, the code states, “Any property that does not have a class life and has not been designated by law as being in any other class.” This means that modular units are not called out in the IRS Publication 946. Therefore, it defaults to a 7-year property, which allows you to depreciate the units over a 7-year tax life. Commercial, traditional stick-built construction in IRS Publication 4562 is classified as nonresidential real property, which has a depreciation period of 39 years. 

*Boxman Studios is not providing tax advice and all clients are to confirm tax life with your tax professional and representative.

They’re Mobile 

Shipping Container Events

They’re Stackable  

Event Marketing Shipping Containers

They’re Ready to Go 

Event Marketing Containers

Boxman Studios has inventory ready to go at a moment’s notice. You may have to be flexible with your concept, but we have something that will work for you.  


They’re Leasable 



For everything you need to know about event marketing with shipping containers read our article: An Exhaustive Guide to Event Marketing with Shipping Containers. 


For more information about our partnership, please feel free to download our PDF, which gives more information about the G-Tainer or fill out our contact form below!