3 ways Agencies Make You Better at Trade Shows.


Its trade show season, and you’ve just started thinking about your campaign. Your season might be in trouble. At every event, there are hundreds of competitors fighting for your audience’s attention. They’re handing out branded swag, discussing their products or services, and scanning bags to see who brought what. If you’re behind on your tradeshow preparation or this is your first rodeo, your best chance at competing might fall into the hands of an experienced agency. Why?

  1. They help with your inbound strategy

Sometimes you’re so deep into your own business and culture, it can be difficult to decipher how people will react to your marketing. Agencies not only provide an outside perspective, they are well equipped to develop different ideas: unique signage, activities, and ‘can’t say no’ swag- the possibilities are endless. They’ll help you develop interesting collateral, an irresistible hook, and maybe a mini-event that will organically attract near-by foot traffic.

  1. They know how to get creative

One of the biggest value-adds to working with an agency is that they are always on the lookout for the newest, coolest eye-catcher. They’ve been going to tradeshows for a while, know how the game is played, and know how to turn that game on its head. Some of the most creative ideas, most distinctive collateral, and wildest mini events come out of the agency think-tank. Their experience guides the general principals and strategy, but their creativity is what will make your booth and your brand stand-out.

  1. They help you integrate social media effectively

Social media strategy is important. Much more important than you realize. It’s not just for sharing what’s going on at your booth. Social media helps you connect with potential buyers or business partners, set up meetings, track your campaign’s success, and follow through with relevant content that could inspire important discussions.

Your agency will help you strategize the best way to tell your followers where you’re going, what  you’re doing, and how your booth will look FAR in advance. They will help you develop a relevant hashtag that can get some traction, and they will help integrate it into your overall campaign.

We love to work with agencies or directly with companies to create dynamic, show-stopping booths. Contact us if you’re looking for a cool, sustainable solution for your 2016 trade show campaign.