3 Tips for Planning a Last-Minute Marketing Tour


We all know how it goes: your client calls you up with a huge request that needs to be ready to go in 30 days. The panic sets in and your mind starts frantically turning. While the deadline is ambitious, you’re up for the challenge. Here are 3 tips for creating a last-minute marketing tour.

Define your Client’s Objectives

Unforeseen circumstances are pretty much guaranteed. They might catch you off guard, but you have to be able to adapt and adjust.

In the midst of the stress that can come with last-minute scrambling, it can be easy to skip over the details. But, this is when details matter most! That is why making sure you have a solid understanding of your client’s objectives is so important. If you know how they will be judging the outcome, you’ll be able to pivot quickly while still keeping their end-goals in mind.

Build a document with your client that outlines all elements of the tour that must be covered: logistics, weather, commute times, overall timeline, target audience, what your goal is, how you are going to accomplish that goal, how you’re going to measure the goal, who are your point of contacts, etc. As with any planning process, communication is key; leave as little room for error by staying transparent with your team and your client.

Strategize for a Quick Turn-Around

Carefully consider the experiences you offer at your activations. Events are planned months in advance, so your usual contenders could be out the door. When you’re writing an estimate for your client, think about your lead-times and relationships with vendors. Many will offer a quicker turn-around time… for a price.

To spread awareness, there is no faster way to reach your audience than through social platforms. Visually speaking, the sooner you can get your event or campaign in front of someone, the better. Engage your audience through hashtag contests, email invites, or VIP Twitter content. By hitting the ground running as soon as possible, you’ll be in a better position for overall success.

Find the Right Partner

Maybe you can’t get all of the bells and whistles for your last-minute event, but that doesn’t mean you can’t develop a memorable experience. The right partner will have options available on-time and in-budget.

At Boxman Studios, our custom event spaces can be created quickly (60-90 days from a signed contract), but sometimes they just aren’t quick enough. In those circumstances, we are proud to offer our leasable fleet. The assets are available year-round, are easily branded, and can be on-site within a few weeks. For more information about our rental offerings and prices, get the ball rolling by filling out our Contact Form.