3 Reasons Why Your Branded Shipping Container Will Engage The Community


A shipping container really draws a crowd. You can harness this “focal point” factor to build brand awareness at any pop up event.

Here are three reasons why a branded shipping container engages a community and fosters brand loyalty:

1.  Modified Shipping Containers are  “People Magnets”:

Shipping containers are unique. They look different from other pop up event spaces, like something you see every day, just turned on its head. That draws a crowd.

When modified shipping containers are skinned with a team’s brand, people rally around. Sports teams are important hallmarks in a city. A mobile, branded fan space helps extend that reach beyond the stadium and the sports pages, and into the community.

Somebody can look across a park and say, “Oh that’s the Philadelphia Phillies.” People may seek out your pop up event following a news feature, or simply based on word-of-mouth. Once the buzz spreads, people will want to see for themselves.

Once the shipping container has caught the crowd’s attention, it becomes synonymous with the sponsor, as consumers immerse themselves in a fun and interactive branded environment.

2. Modified Shipping Containers Make a Great Foundation for Social Media Campaigns:

Let’s take a minute to consider the online community. Social media tools, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google +, are other avenues to promote your branded  pop up event. Fans and consumers can follow the shipping container online as it moves through a city or across the country, view pictures from the latest stop and see visitors engaging with your brand. You can even turn the container into a wifi hotspot.

Fans can comment on your blog as the container hits marquee music festivals across the country. Tweet, retweet, invite your fans to come out and be part of the fun. Post an interactive map, add some pictures, the possibilities are endless.

Sports fans could sign up to follow their team’s “box” online as it moves from training camp to the playoffs, drumming up team spirit and conversation along the way.

3. Modified Shipping Containers Make Good Guests:

A repurposed shipping container is mobile. It can hit multiple parts of the city in a day and leave a minimal footprint behind. There’s no stress on the community.

From an environmental perspective, these containers are reclaimed from scrapyards, where they collect at a rate of 350,000 per month. Boxman Studios is taking something that’s sitting around anyway and using it for a greater purpose.