3 Myths Surrounding Experiential Marketing


A good experiential marketing strategy can seem like a large beast to tackle. Amid ample research and a bank of creative ideas, it can be scary to make the first move. Here are three myths about experiential marketing that may help tame the beast.

I need an unlimited budget to be successful.

 Nope. In fact, Jeff Milgrom, President and CEO of Event Marketing Strategies says, “Without spending much, experiential marketing programs can be highly targeted to a specific audience or demographic, allowing a company to customize the experience.”

The good news for end of year budgets is that many experiential marketing and pop-up vendors offer rent-only assets. You can still have a highly-customized end product but without the heavy price tag. Leasable assets are not something to shy away from – they tend to offer the same level of mobility and flexibility while being noncommittal (great for testing out new products or new markets).

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I don’t need a dedicated team to execute a campaign.

False! “Experiential marketing, over other forms, provides the platform for companies to have long-form conversations with consumers about their products and services. Using trained and knowledgeable brand ambassadors at events opens the door to engaging conversations that can last anywhere from three to seven minutes in most cases.

This approach facilitates a stronger connection or bond with a brand because of the sensory experiences involved — touch, taste, feel, smell, sound, etc. — and that can leave consumers with a deeper and more meaningful takeaway than television or radio ads.”

It’s just a single event.

 Definitely not! Yes, your campaign may revolve around a single event, but in order to have worthy ROI, you need to plan on engaging your audience before, during, AND after your campaign. Without proper planning, you will waste valuable resources executing a campaign with no measurable ROI or new customer loyalty.


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