Where Have You Been All My Life?


Guest post by Constantine Mouzakitis

I was recently introduced to Boxman Studios and how it works.  Better yet, how it can work for me.  You see, I’ve been in the Entertainment Industry for most of my life in some capacity, and over the past few years I’ve experimented with outdoor events.  The workload required to execute even one event is something that most people don’t consider.  The organization and manpower, not including all the finer details, and of course the cost to produce these events can cut into valuable resources necessary to promote it.

As I entered the warehouses occupied by the small team of Boxman Studios employees, and a slew of shipping containers in various states of repurposing, I realized that I had stepped in to something bigger than I expected.  Boxman Studios owner, David Campbell, walked me through the process of recycling abandoned shipping containers and turning them into outdoor hospitality venues. When repurposing is complete, the hospitality venues come furnished with a full bar (sans the libations), seating for 26, 500 square feet of dance floor or reception area, and TV monitors for viewing, presentations or gaming.  Plus, it’s all solar powered.  And maybe the best part? The entire process takes only about 20 minutes to set up – and Boxman does all the set up and break down. So simple it’s scary.

I could go on and on about the irony, or how upset I am about all the time I wasted producing large, outdoor events with tents, and tables, and bars …and … and… and – but boy am I glad Boxman Studios is here. And I’m going to predict that they’ll be here for the long haul.