What to Expect from Boxman’s Design Department


Why would someone use kinetic architecture to build their restaurant, retail space, or event venue? For the environmentally conscious, reusing shipping containers that would otherwise be left to rust is a more sustainable option. For the financial conscious, our expedited design and build process means that businesses can see more return quicker. For the innovators, containers offer an opportunity to be edgy and original. For designers, the appeal lies with the endless possibilities that an empty box provides. The Boxman Studios design process uncovers those possibilities so that our engineering and fabrication process may bring those ideas to life.

Here’s a look at our design process:

Conceptual Drawings

Usually, our clients come to us with initial concepts. We take your ideas and translate them into a rendering that captures the fleshed-out idea. Our designers collaborate with you from start to finish and help you to understand the possibilities and limitations of kinetic architecture. With input from our project management team, engineers, and fabrication experts, we cross the t’s and dot the I’s on your conceptual renderings.

Approval Process

If the design needs more tweaks, or the venue changes, we revise our original drawings until it’s perfect. When you like the conceptual drawings and feel of the space, we move on to phase two, which incorporates more of project management and production’s input. They help determine how to build the structure, and if any research and development is required before manufacturing begins.


After our renderings are confirmed, our engineers work to ensure that every element of your structure is safe, up to code, and structurally sound. All our container structures adhere to the most stringent coding regulations.

Shop Drawings

Once our engineering team has reviewed the plans, an architect stamps our engineered drawings and enable us to include detailed information, like material and cut sheets, into the model. These shop drawings guide our manufacturing during the fabrication, MEP, and finishes installation process.

Change Orders

As a project begins to take form, clients often request change orders to accommodate for issues that arise, or new details that warrant client approval. This happens when the look and feel of a design or materials no longer works for a client’s purpose. We develop new design options and ideas, to implement during the build, that take the form of change orders.

We have a deep-seeded need to develop creative designs that solve problems. We work closely with you and your clients to capture ideas and realize them into iconic structures that leave an impression on your audience. For more details on how we utilize shipping containers for our kinetic architecture projects, download our eBook below, A Beginner’s Guide to Building with Shipping Containers.