What Happens When You Want To Extend Your Shipping Container Tour?


If a rock star is killing it on the road, their management team extends their tour. You’ve got to give the fans what they want, right? The same rule applies for rock star brands. Boxman Studios partners with companies that promote everything from mobile phones to sporting equipment, getting them on the road to engage with their customers, and create buzz.

Sending drivers to accompany our branded shipping container displays, and assist with activation, is part of Boxman’s service. Whether your Shipping Container assets are owned, rented, or leased, extending your tour is an option we’re always happy to discuss.

Redesign Your Branded Shipping Container for Multiple Deployments

Samsung recently decided to add tour dates to a campaign while out on the road with Boxman; and, when they were ready to roll out a new product line, we brought their box back to our facility to switch up some of the features, and then we re-launched. This allowed Samsung to keep their activations fresh, while building on the tour’s success.

Brands can repurpose a container and go in new directions, literally and figuratively. For instance – a brand touring college campuses during the school year can be reimagined to run throughout the summer. It’s branded; it’s popular; its catching people’s attention – we want to keep our clients on the road connecting with and engaging fans.

When And How Should You Continue A Tour?

Companies should have a set of goals for a campaign that they can monitor along the way.

  • How many social media subscribers have they garnered?
  • How much online buzz are they generating?
  • How many word-of-mouth referrals?
  • How many sales? How many loyalty program enrollments?

By establishing goals at the outset, and keeping track of them throughout a tour, clients can feel confident in their tour – and we can help extend it on the fly.

Talk To Us. We’re Here For You.

Maintaining momentum is key for reaching goals. When you hit your stride with Boxman, there is no need to stop. Once you make the decision to continue, the door is wide open. Simply contact the Boxman team and tell us where you want to go. Our design and logistics experts will help you plan the best route for whatever, and wherever, comes next.

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