What “Collaboration” Means For Your Shipping Container Pop Up Event


Boxman Studios designs, develops and deploys shipping container architecture installations to varying degrees for different pop up event clients. Because of this, we operate on a sliding scale of price and collaboration. Our clients choose the level of engagement they need from us based on their own resources and logistical capacity.

As a result, the “customization” we offer doesn’t just apply to physical shipping container features and activations. Whether we’re building something from the ground up or modifying the features on an existing container, we also customize the process to meet a client’s specific needs.

Defining A Client’s Needs

Boxman In Action


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Check It Out!

Some companies come to us looking for a catalogue of products at the outset of a project. Our website and Flickr photo gallery showcase diverse examples of our work. While these resources give you a taste of what we can achieve, every project we undertake has an element of uniqueness. That’s why we often turn the question around and ask our clients to show us what they’re after. Pinterest, Google image searches, and design magazines are great sources of inspiration for this.

Here at Boxman, we consider ideas from anywhere. Something as conceptual as an animal or a landscape can give us the sliver of insight necessary to develop a winning design for an event. Your own branded materials and souvenirs from previous pop up marketing engagements also help in thinking through this process. Sharing these kinds of things allows us to build exactly what you want, rather than trying to make something else fit.

Just Need A Bit of Expertise?

A quick, one-off campaign might not require a fully immersed Design, Develop, Deploy engagement. In these instances, clients can explore our existing inventory that we can modify to deliver something quickly. For example, we might take an existing container and switch up floors, countertops, chairs, tables, technology kiosks, desks, or display counters to suit your unique needs, match your brand, and build a space that meets your objectives.

In other instances, clients might require our that our expert technicians are on-site to assist with an activation. The bottom line is that we are flexibile enough to fit virtually any need. No matter how a client’s project engages our Design Develop Deploy spectrum of service, we pride ourselves on consistently delivering container solutions that reflects a brand’s identity, and supports an event success. Contact us to start a conversation about how we can make your next event something truly special.

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