Using Pinterest To Design Your Pop Up Shop


Pops up shops are temporary retail stores.  They have the unique ability to invigorate the energy around a brand, a product, a retail destination, or a special date. When they’re managed well, and designed for the experience, they give customers a unique opportunity to interact with products and explore the brand. For more information about pop up shops, read our full blog post, “What is a Pop Up Shop?” 

Pinterest is a popular website for curating lists of photographs that members upload from around the world. Inspiring images of everything from interior design fixtures to automotive details; art to architecture; garden plants to recipes, flow into the site by the second. Account holders can browse and compile “boards” of their favorite images, which are sorted, saved, shared and updated.

For many users, Pinterest is a fun way to kill time, daydream, or plan an event. For brands and agencies partnering with Boxman, Pinterest creates an invaluable forum for sharing ideas and design inspiration.

Get The Conversation Started With Boxman

With an extensive gallery of past projects that range from a double-decker activation in Times Square for Lays, to our work with Google at TED, and plenty of other unique activations, the Boxman Studios Flickr page offers plenty of opportunity for you to kickstart your initial ideation process. Here are five ways using Pinterest can compliment that process.

1.Size. Inspiration can come from anywhere, and everyone knows that a picture is worth a thousand words. Pinterest has a massive, varied inventory of photos to help convey a message.
2. Accessibility. Access Pinterest from any computer or smart phone that connects to the Internet.
3. Abstract. Brands and agencies can create whole boards based on a theme, tone, or mood they want to capture.
4. Concrete. You can also create lists of tangible features, such as furnishings, fixtures, electronics, and lighting to reinforce your designs.
5. Free. Anyone can sign up for a Pinterest account at no cost. Whether you prepare a board before or after your initial contact with Boxman, it can be a useful and fun way to collaborate on a project. Some pictures get tossed, others incorporated, but they are all helpful in giving us insight and direction into your goals. Send us a link, and we’ll check it out.