Trade Show Booth Designs That Stand Out From The Crowd


Trade shows offer a unique opportunity to make a powerful one-on-one connection with customers and leave a lasting impression of your brand. Trade show attendees are a self-selecting audience who cross your path because they’re looking to learn and make a connection. An effective 21st century tradeshow booth reaches out and grabs the attentionand imagination of everyone walking past, with innovative special features that support your objectives. Why not offer something more than the old tri-fold display or stacks of informational pamphlets?

Here are three of the most powerful special features that can be integrated into a shipping container trade show booth, which will create a lasting impression on visitors:

#1 Multi-Story Buildings

From the rooftop DJ and VIP lounge on Sprint’s shipping container display, to Cetco Energy Service’s innovative two-story exhibit in Houston, shipping containers offer unlimited functionality and possibility. Multi-level buildings stand out from the crowd. They pique interest, look like fun, and can help you maximize your experience at an event.

#2 The Use Of Composite Materials

By using composite materials in construction of Cetco’s venue, we were not only able to reinforce the structure, but lighten its weight by a half ton. This makes transportation easier and cheaper. Light, agile, and sleek, this display floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee.

#3 Interior Fixtures 

What can’t you have inside of your exhibit when you use a shipping container? That’s a difficult question to answer. From plasma TVs, VIP lounges, refrigerated food and drink cases, to kitchens, video games, charging stations, and mobile hotspots, if you can think it up, it can likely be built into a shipping container. Delta Airlines’ trade show booth at Long Beach Convention Centre in Feb. 2013, for instance, featured individual sleep pods, an open-air lounge, glass walls with vertical cut-out vents, and a Photon Shower – a light therapy chamber that reduces the effect of jet lag. Well played, Delta, well played.

Remember that all the fun and innovative special features need to convey your business deliverables and brand identity. What message do you want your audience to take away with them? What product do you want them to experience? How can you use these creative elements to relay that in a powerful way? Our design team will help you think strategically to build an effective venue that will be a showstopper.

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