The Thanksgiving Theory of Events


You’ll never meet a person who doesn’t feel strongly, one way or another, about Thanksgiving leftovers. Believe it or not, the same thought process is happening at your event. Right Now. How can you determine if your events are a dry turkey sandwich, or if you’re serving up the good stuff?

  1. Did people like it in the first time?

I hate to say it, but if your food stunk during the actual meal, odds are people are going to be pretty disappointed when you feed them the same crap three days later. I know you worked really hard, spent lots of money and followed all of the rules, but if you didn’t get a positive reaction the first time, you ain’t gonna get them now. So, if your event isn’t striking a chord, rethink what you’re doing. It’s probably wrong.

  1. Did it get old overnight?

Not every food keeps overnight. Same goes for events. Some trends are short lived and that’s fine. Please, don’t force spoiled ideas on people. Try to remember how good it was before, and fry up a grilled cheese.

  1. It’s got the essentials, but would you go back for seconds?

Congratulations! Your meal was gobbled up yesterday and kept pretty well in the fridge. Now you’ve got a sandwich is piled high with leftover turkey. So what if Aunt Rita snuck away with the leftover cranberry sauce and gravy? You love turkey, so you’ll swallow it whole. The thing is, even though turkey is great, you can only take so much without all the interesting notes that stuffing, gravy and cranberry sauce provide. Like leftovers, events need something special and different that makes them pop. Otherwise, people are getting bored and that’s NEVER good.

  1. Grandma’s secret gravy

Like that special gravy recipe Grandma would never give you, Boxman Studios puts a little something special into events. Our shipping container and purpose built structures are designed, developed and deployed to make your next event is the best Thanksgiving dinner you’ve ever had.

We’ll bring the meal. You…

Just Add People.