The People of Boxman Studios: Tradesmen Make the Boxman Studios Difference


Boxman Studios’ ability to create unique and innovative experiences is expanding thanks to the talent and calibre of people we have on our team. In any organization, you start out with the fundamentals. At first, we had basic welders, people who could make the cuts we needed for transforming shipping containers. Now, we have master welders, master electricians and carpenters, master cabinet makers… crafts- and tradespeople who are not only experts in their fields but who also bring their own creative ideas to the table.

Keeping the Trades Alive

Anyone can walk up to a machine, push a button, and wait for the product. The machine does all the work, and everything is impersonally mass-produced. We don’t do that. Most everything at Boxman Studios is hand-made, hand-crafted, and custom-built for our customers. Why? Because beautifully crafted elements contribute to more effective, engaging experiences for brands and their audiences.

The people in our shop are extremely proud of what they do. And they should be; we make some of the most amazing shipping container structures anywhere. Ultimately, it’s our tradespeople who bring the best ideas and innovations to the table because they have the hands-on experience that makes the biggest difference to a project. They know the limits of their tools, materials, and technologies – and they know how to push those limits to meet customer needs.

Boxman Studios’ Culture of Engagement

If you made your living working with metal, or wood, or wiring, you wouldn’t want to do the same things day in and day out, year after year. You’d want to use your creativity and ingenuity, right? Imagine coming in to work knowing that you created a great experience, whether it was an installation for the Rose Bowl, or a mobile kitchen. Not only does this give our people a huge sense of pride, but it fuels creativity and encourages collaboration. Our people come to work each day with a goal of doing their jobs better than the day before.

Boxman Studios relies on its diversity of thought, ideas, and skillsets to push us to new limits. Our tradesmen love coming to work because they’re excited about what they do, and they’re excited about together what we do for our clients. The opportunity to focus on creativity, while keeping their skills sharp in a non-traditional environment, is both unique and exhilarating.

Our tradespeople are integral in our success. From design to delivery, their input isn’t just critical; without it, we wouldn’t be able to execute and bring our customers’ ideas to life. The level of creativity that Boxman Studios is famous for is directly related to the level of expertise and knowledge of the people putting the torch to the metal.