Solutions for Multi-City Events and Activations


Given the current price of oil and the massive quantity of fuel it takes to criss-cross the United States, not to mention the expenses associated with sending staff across the country, brands are using more intimate, local displays to engage consumers.

Multi-city launches are commonplace for brands to reach consumers in several geographic locations concurrently.  This tactic enables brands to reach as many people at once in real time while also allowing for more customer ‘touches’ with its brand.

These days everyone is connected. For proof just check your nearest Facebook or Twitter feed. You can bet that someone at your event in San Francisco just tweeted to their cousin in Orlando about it. But imagine if you were in San Francisco, Orlando, Houston, Atlanta, and New York all at once? The results could be mind-boggling. The idea is simple – when you can cast your line into more productive fishing holes all at once, you stand to strike more often than if you spent time driving all over a lake looking for the right spot.

Multiple city launches for your brand takes your single city event, and turns it into a national affair. And don’t worry about logistics, at Boxman Studios we create, transport, set up, and break down your custom environment across America. In fact, last summer we did just this for Hewlett-Packard (click here to learn more about that activation.)