The Intersection of Quality and Safety


Did you know that the moment a torch comes into contact with a shipping container, that the structural integrity of the container changes? It’s true. Intermodal shipping containers were designed for a single purpose – to carry cargo over land and sea via road, ship, or rail. Sure, shipping containers are currently being used around the world for a variety of other purposes, but the fact is that intermodal shipping containers weren’t intended to be homes, restaurants, or even mobile immersion experiences. So how do we ensure that every container we work with is safe for human interaction?

Here at Boxman Studios, we adhere to ASME codes and standards. The American Society of Mechanical Engineering maintains codes and standards that have been developed and tested to ensure that structures like ours are built to the highest quality possible, and is safe for human beings. Our fabricators and finishers work to these codes and standards. We even have a manual in our shop that illustrates ASME codes for every scenario. It’s not easy, and it’s not cheap. So why do we do it? To ensure that anyone in the world who interacts with our activations is safe.

Not every company that modifies shipping containers can make this claim. In fact, we’re fairly certain that we’re the only shipping container modification company in North America that does adhere to ASME codes and standards.

Over the years we’ve built some pretty amazing environments out of old shipping containers. And as cool as these environments are, the most important thing to us are quality and safety.

So yes, go ahead and enjoy a container home, or build that restaurant or popup store out of an old shipping container. Repurposing is great way to support the idea of sustainability. Just make sure that when you do it, you’re doing it safely.

Adhering to code – it’s the biggest difference between Boxman Studios and our competition. And it’s something that municipalities and insurance companies will be insisting upon in the very near future.

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