The Built Environment by Boxman: Universally Designed


You might not know it, but your Boxman Studios activation was put together in such a way to make it inherently accessible. We understand the dynamics of day to day barriers, and that means we are able to make those tiny tweaks that you probably didn’t even notice.

Ample room for a wheelchair turnaround

Graspable piece of equipment to assist with dexterity

Contrasting colors to show edges and obstructions for the visually impaired

We practice designing to various standards, including ADA, but we take it a step further. Our team isn’t satisfied just building your activations, tradeshow booths, and events as if ramps were the only necessary design element for universal accessibility. We blend these considerations into our product’s aesthetics.

Instead of just a ramp as an afterthought, consider Selwyn Goldsmith’s creation of the dropped curb- a curb cut and sidewalk ramp combination. This feature is essential for people using wheelchairs, but is also commonplace today and used by all- people with and without disabilities, old and young people. That’s what this is all about: making our environments available for use, making them easier to use, and expanding the range of user diversity.

Boxman Studio’s modified shipping containers allow for more flexibility for inclusive design elements than traditional event marketing layouts. We make sure our products are as universally accessible as possible, and we will always practice “Design for All”. Boxman ensures all experiences with your experiential marketing campaign are positive experiences- regardless of size, age or ability.