The Boxman Studios Guide To Long Distance Client Relationships


Long-distance relationships get a bad rap. Here at Boxman Studios we’ve learned how to make them work. Technology allows us to reach out to prospects across the planet – and help fulfill on projects with clients thousands of miles away. Here are some techniques for how we make our long-distance relationships work:

  • Flexibility.

Whether a client is in Los Angeles or Asia, Boxman Studios works to accommodate their schedule. We have clients in Hong Kong who are on a completely different clock, so we schedule meetings and discussions at a time of day when it is convenient for them. All of our clients know they can reach us whenever they need to.

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  • Progress Visits.

We encourage our customers to visit our manufacturing facility in Charlotte at least once during the build process as a way to get a firm handle on how things work, and how their projects are progressing. We’re conveniently located within minutes of the Charlotte-Douglas International Airport, which means some clients can pop in during the day and be back home in time for dinner.

  • Technology.

If you can’t make it to Charlotte for an in-person visit, you can still monitor the progress of your shipping container build through various technologies. From video conferencing, to simple photos, to desktop sharing, we routinely utilize a range of technology to make sure our clients are comfortable in knowing that their projects are on track.

Most of our clients find us through our website, so our community really knows no bounds. Shipping containers have traditionally transported products and goods to ports all over the world, and today they bring people to Boxman Studios.

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