Streamlining the Trade Show Experience


Attending trade shows isn’t cheap. And it’s far from efficient. And through it all you have to put your trust in dozens of strangers that aren’t part of your team to handle your trade show environment with care.

Trade Show Labor providers TS Crew followed an exhibit from Orlando to Las Vegas and were surprised to learn that the exhibit was handled by 28 different people along the long, arduous journey of a trade show environment.

If the above infographic seems overwhelming and confusing, it’s because it is. Five different staging points. Countless trucks and forklifts. And 28 people, mostly union labor, with no vested interest in your project beyond their specialized contribution to it getting to where it needs to be.

Here at Boxman Studios we talk a lot about our design and development capabilities because that’s what people see and interact with. What they don’t see, however, is the backroom thinking that makes our projects run smoothly and efficiently.

In fact, when we handle trade shows for our clients, only two non-Boxman Studios employees are ever involved in your project: 1) A union forklift driver who delivers the unit to its spot on the trade show floor, and 2) A union electrician who inspects the final setup. Both of these interactions are mandatory. And in both those instances, we’re right there with them, ensuring that things run smoothly.

Our designers. Our builders. Our trucks. Our warehouse. We employ a unique quality control process that our competitors can’t touch.

Outside of our streamlined logistics, there are other great reasons for us to design, develop, and deploy your next trade show experience.

1. Reduced drayage at the show. Rather than pay to store (and constantly move) your things, you simply close up the exhibit each day, or utilize specialized storage spaces we build into it. Safe and secure. And while traditional trade show exhibits are broken down into several crates and shipments, since our exhibit is self-contained, you don’t have to worry about keeping everything together.

2. Reduced pilferage. Due to all exhibit crates looking identical, you’ll often find others accidentally (or intentionally) going through your exhibit assets during set up & breakdown as you have to constantly lock up and store your equipment each day. This isn’t a worry when your trade show environment easily closes up in a near-impenetrable steel box.

3. Reduced damage. Whereas a traditional booth can be severely damaged by a rogue forklift, our units are tough. They were built to traverse great continents and massive oceans, after all.

4. Container takes precedence. Often times exhibit organizers will force you to disassemble or re-organize your space to run electrical cords or make space for another exhibitor. Once your shipping container exhibit is in place, the floor changes to accommodate you, not the other way around.

5. Wow factor. People want to be immersed in an environment that attracts and engages them. For the past five years we’ve seen first-hand at how the iconic environments we build for our clients are like beacons of light in a sea of sameness.

If efficiency and peace of mind are important to you when it comes to your trade show experience, let’s talk. We want to create an amazing and efficient trade show experience for you.