Staying Transparent


Aretha Franklin wanted R-E-S-P-E-C-T. All Boxman Studios wants is S-A-F-E-T-Y. While you’re considering your next marketing and experiential project, trade show booth, industrial unit, or modular work space, take a moment to consider how important it is to ensure that the experience is safe and structurally sound.

Safety Because: 

There will be a high volume of people walking through and around the space, jumping on the floors, pushing on the walls, and banging doors open and shut. A structure that is weak, poorly built and without proper documentation is unlikely to survive such abuse and places your employees, vendors, customers and potential customers in peril.

When you’re choosing a strategic partner, it is paramount that you’re selecting a team that takes the time to make sure everything’s exactly right. This means they measure every corner at exactly 90 Degree angles, maintain/obtain proper permits, employ ADA and international building codes and provide architectural life safety plans, MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) review and drawings, and stamped engineered drawings for structural reinforcement. These steps keep everyone safe and secure.

Rules around temporary structures are becoming more and more stringent; for good reason. For some, the crack down on permitting and engineered documentation will mean more time and money out of your pocket over long periods of time. However, for Boxman Studios, this means: business as usual. For every project, we factor in the client’s individual time, money, and goals to set them up for success in the short and long term.

Applied to Shipping Containers: 

When modifying shipping containers or manufacturing our own containers, we ensure that they are completely safe. You can walk in them, on them, and around them without hesitation or concern because they are designed to engineered specifications that make it strong, incredibly sturdy, and above all… safe. As an example, when a shipping container is cut into, its structural integrity and “toughness” are immediately compromised. Similarly, if you go into surgery and you’re cut into, your body is temporarily compromised and you don’t feel so “tough.” With that said, we adhere to strict reinforcement standards to ensure the quality and safety of our clients (and our client’s clients) are NEVER compromised.

You may be asking, “What does all this mean to me and why should I care?” It means that we aren’t playing “keep ‘em safe” catch-up, because we’re busy setting pace for the rest of the industry. It also means that the documentation, drawings, stamps, certifications, etc. that Boxman Studios empowers its clients with, will result in our clients gaining lower insurance rates, reducing liabilities, passing inspections, and opening up on time.

California Building Code:

California and the California Building Code are hard on its builders, but for good reason. Their wide range of weather and environmental conditions means they have to account for everything from an earthquake to snow loads, and everything in between. If your structure can get by the California Building Code, it can get by just about anywhere. Boxman Studios has vast experience in working with the California Building Code and every last one of our structures is designed and engineered with this code in mind.

Shipping Containers are gaining prominence as an eco-friendly building material. While you shouldn’t hesitate to capitalize on this trend, safety and quality are not always consistent across the board. Boxman Studios is an industry leader. So while you’re shopping for strategic partners and looking at prices, remember: Sometimes the cheapest options end up costing you more.