San Francisco Here We Come…Again


If you’ve followed us over the past several weeks, you know we’ve been exhibiting in California at some of the nation’s top Environmental Conferences.

It started with Opportunity Green in Los Angeles where we were lauded by Peter Falt, the Director of Strategic Partnering at BMW Designworks USA, during his keynote and were nominated for an innovative green startup award. Then it was off to West Coast Green in San Francisco where we were a featured exhibitor in the same room as top environmental thinkers like William McDonough and Arianna Huffington. Our next trip is back to San Francisco, or rather Treasure Island, for The Ki smart living conference. We’re teaming up with Yelp to host the Yelp Lounge for attendees to enjoy between live music, gourmet dining, wine tasting, art exhibitions and of course some of the smartest environmental innovations on the planet.

See you at The Ki!