Putting Clients First


Before an event, a festival, the big concert, or the trade show, your shipping container experience begins with us. And we want to make sure that your experience is seamless from the outset. So, what can you expect from working with Boxman Studios?

Clear Communication. Clients come to us with concepts on what they want their shipping container experience to look, feel, and act like. It is critical that we clearly understand this vision so that we can make it a reality. That’s why we recap calls, confirm statements, and cross-check all facets of a project throughout the design and development process.

For instance, you might want windows for natural lighting. And you may have a very specific idea of what that looks like. Or not. Either way, we ask the right kinds of questions so that what we build hits the mark.

Availability on Your Schedule. Working at Boxman Studios isn’t a 9-5 job, or if it is, no one is sure which time zone we’re in. Our clients are located across the country and across the world. We accommodate their schedules so that questions and concerns are handled quickly and time lags don’t compromise the integrity of the project.

Reliability. Our clients come to us for innovative and creative shipping container architecture and end up enjoying the experience because our client relationship is built on a foundation of reliability, integrity, and honesty. When we set a deadline, we meet it. When we say we will provide a design drawing, we produce it. When we say we’ll deliver an experiential marketing campaign to an event, we’ll be there.

Strong Relationships. Like with most relationships, trust isn’t always immediate. It has to be earned. By listening to our clients, being available for questions or concerns, and by keeping our word – we build trust and continue to foster it throughout the relationship.

Patience. Designing and building a shipping container experience is an experience in itself. Along the way are changes, challenges, and yes, even times when what a client wants can’t be done due to physics, gravity, or other immutable laws of nature. Whether it’s helping someone explore alternative options more fully, or waiting for them to go through a dozen paint samples, patience – on both sides of the table – helps us overcome challenges and achieve outstanding results.

Boxman Studios goes above and beyond for our clients because we want to make sure they are not only satisfied with their end-product, but that they’re happy with the experience of working with us.

Let’s build something amazing together.