Proper Planning for Excellent Execution


Daytona 500. The Super Bowl. March Madness. South by Southwest. These are just a few of the big events in Q1 of 2015 that brands will flock to in order to be alongside rabid fans. And these events are closer than you think.

Between now and the end of 2014 there are tons of holidays to consider that could get in the way of seeing what’s just up around the bend. But we’ve been to enough of the big parties over the years to know that planning early makes all the difference between having a huge impact, and just showing up.

When you’re in the business of creating amazing brand solutions out of shipping containers, you know that lead time is paramount. That’s why we ask for at least 45 days lead time to create our custom immersion experiences. From design and engineering, to fabrication, to ensuring we’re compliant with local permitting and building codes, to actually moving the shipping container experiences from here in Charlotte to wherever you need to be – lead time matters.

So we encourage you to reach out today to get the ball rolling on your plans to attend the big events of Q1. Because you know your audience is going to be there, and you should too. And the more lead time we have, the more we’re able to make sure that your participation at these events is a smashing success.