Online Retail Giant is moving in on Physical Locations


Your biggest surprise this fall isn’t going to be running into holiday displays and pop-ups much earlier than expected, it’s going to be WHO is popping up. E-commerce giant and online shopping revolutionary, Amazon, will be setting up shop in a store near you this fall.

Following their announcement to build physical bookstores in New York City, Chicago, and Portland, Amazon will continue their push into roughly 100 physical retail stores and pop-ups in shopping malls around the country.

These stores will not be offering your favorite book or jewelry brand. Instead their intention is to give customers and holiday shoppers a hands-on experiences with Amazon’s line of branded products including Echo Speakers, Kindle and Fire tablets, Dash Buttons, and the Fire TV.

Considering Echo’s mixed reviews, and the timely release of Apple’s newest iPhone model, Amazon will likely benefit from retail environments that empower customers to get a feel for the products before purchasing.  This shift towards physical stores and personal interactions will also provide their sales team with a new, more persuasive platform for offering their Prime services and original video content.

All things considered, Amazon is making the right move for this holiday season. Even with same-day delivery and a liberal return policy, online shopping doesn’t offer the same experience as retail stores. Now, customers can inspect the merchandise, ask questions, and learn more about the products. We’re seeing more and more online retailers deciding to move into physical stores and pop-up shops. This isn’t a trend. Creating authentic connections with your consumers is imperative to survival in our experience-based economy.

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