New Year, What’s the Difference?


We’re back!

We get excited about our work. We pride ourselves on building upon each year, in hopes of growing more and settling less. For our first message of the new year, we wanted to continue the trend of presenting the voices of our team members. So, in the vein of self-improvement and commemorating the fresh start of a new year, we asked our team, “If this year is going to be better than the last, what will you do differently to manifest that change?”  (Which is Boxman speak for “What’s your resolution? We’re writing this blog…”)


Elaine- Marketing Strategist

“Focus on exercising candor, especially when it’s difficult. In business, it’s vital to frank with people.’ Elaine stresses that It’s best to be honest and accurate with her statements. But, be prepared to back it up a bit with reason. “I’ll need to hone in on how to present my ideas, particularly when the tone in the room may be in conflict of what I believe.” It’s scary to voice dissonance in a room that has decided it agrees. However, at Boxman Studios, it’s everyone’s responsibility to voice concerns or conflicting opinions. We work to make sure our decisions are made with a full picture view, not a part of the puzzle.


Logan- VP Operations

“Don’t suck.” With all jokes aside, Logan will use this year to develop his “Why” and be intentional with his purpose for doing everything. “Putting that full passion into everything I do here, and remembering the true motives and intent behind it will help drive me forward in my work.” We want to have our heart behind our work always, and constantly rediscover that passion that brought us here in the first place. And also, don’t suck while doing so.


Ben- Project Manager

“Facilitate better communication between departments and complete work assignments within scheduled office hours” It’s important to maintain effective communication between departments. Being on the same page always, and being able to express and communicate things early on can eliminate a lot of problems. We can learn that staying on top of things eliminates any potential threats.


Andy- Business Development

“Think outside the box more,” (well Andy it’s a good thing you work at a Boxman Studios).  This year, Andy wants to improve his outbound sales process. “I want to always push myself to be more creative and not always so traditional. It’s important to be proactive, while at the same time utilizing all of my resources.” Andy wants to expand his thoughts and try new things, staying focused on having a unique mentality when approaching his work.


David Campbell- CEO

“I’m not big on New Year’s resolutions, I believe that a new year shouldn’t be the reason to have goals, I think you should always aspire to push yourself throughout the year.” David’s consistent goal in mind when leading is to be reasonably unreasonable, “I want to create an environment of discomfort, but also security to set my team up for the next big steps, here at Boxman Studios. I don’t believe we truly make great change through being in a constant comfort zone. Uncomfortability is the catalyst for great change. I want my team to be secure in the environment they’re surrounded in here, but also being pushed beyond what’s comfortable within reason.”


A fan of New Year’s resolutions or not, we know that thinking about them allows us to reflect upon our previous year, in hopes to get the ball rolling. From Boxman Studios, we view these resolutions as lasting goals that can push us out of our comfort zone, or as David says, “To be reasonably unreasonable.”


Happy New Year and a lasting commitment to your resolutions!