Mobile Means Mobile


With the advent of smartphones and their apps, technology is finally catching up with humans being mobile creatures. We never sit still or stay in one place. And now, thanks to technology, we can share our experiences with each other from virtually anywhere. You know where we’re going with this right? Here at Boxman Studios, we’ve always embraced the idea of mobility. Even from the very beginning we were a company that delivered mobile venues so that the party could go anywhere. Look at our logo. We chose it because of how it implies mobility. Humans are mobile. We get it. We built our company around this idea. Hurray mobility!

Since 2009 we’ve evolved into a company that delivers highly immersive brand experiences, including popup retail, across North America. Anywhere. Everywhere. Mobility is key. We’re currently on tour with Ford, US Cellular and Nike delivering the kinds of experiences people remember. And talk about. So if you’re out there in the world and you see us, we’d love to hear from you. Tweet to us @boxmanstudios or find us on Facebook. We’re on Google+ too, if you’re over there. In any event, we just wanted to remind you that when you think of mobile, think of us. Hurray mobility!

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