Meet SolidWorks: The Premium Software of the Engineering World


Today’s “great, amazing, and innovative” is tomorrow’s “good enough.” At Boxman Studios, we will never settle for good enough or let past accomplishments dim our pioneering spirit.

Continual improvement and innovation is ingrained in everything we do—which is why we’re so excited about a recent addition to our team: SolidWorks.

What is it and how will it make your experience with Boxman Studios more streamlined, efficient, and rewarding?

What is SolidWorks?

SolidWorks is the most popular engineering software platform in the world, but calling it just software is a bit like calling a Viper or a Ferrari just a car. In truth, SolidWorks allows us to perform a number of critical functions and add value to our customers’ experiences.

Finite Analysis Capability

Using this platform, we can perform finite analysis. That is, we can build a three-dimensional model of a structure and put it through its paces. Where are the weak spots? How can we make it stronger? Are there potential trouble zones? SolidWorks helps us discover these things before manufacturing begins, thus eliminating defects in the construction process. This saves everyone untold time and money.

Accurate – and Fast – Bill of Materials

We can put together a bill of materials quickly, which ultimately saves our customers money, and gets into the nuts and bolts of the project. Literally. SolidWorks helps us determine how many nuts, how many bolts, and how many washers will be needed. Yes, down to that level of detail. This, of course, allows us to determine how much the structure is going to cost before we built it.

3D Tours

SolidWorks creates a 3D model that we can share with our clients. Imagine being able to take a virtual tour of your structure before the first seam is welded? This allows you to get a great sense of the space, make any necessary tweaks, and start getting excited about your immersive shipping container experience.

A Library of Possibilities

Once we build a container experience, we can separate individual aspects and store them in a library within the software. Say, for instance, that a 20-foot suite has two fold-down walls and one café door. Our engineers can use those pieces when designing other projects; eliminating the need to reconstruct them. Rather, we just find the right part, click, drag, and drop.

The benefit of this feature means that we can put experiences together in a matter of minutes, instead of a matter of days. In a perfect world, and once we establish our library, we can have a workable model and an absolute price within a few hours of a call from a prospect.

SolidWorks is an invaluable addition to the Boxman Studios toolbox. But, as always, it’s the minds and imaginations of those using it that make the biggest difference. Our experienced, passionate team is committed to helping customers achieve their goals, and we’ll use any and every tool we can to ensure that success.