Leveraging the Best Minds at Boxman Studios


Working on a team that creates shipping container architecture deployments requires specialized technical skills, as well as the ability to work under pressure, on tight deadlines, and in an environment where things change quickly.

Innovative thinkers and hard workers can come from anywhere. However, at Boxman Studios, some of our most reliable, top-performing manufacturing staff consistently come to us from the following three sectors:


The leap from motorsports to shipping container architecture might sound odd, but so far it seems to go well. In fact, NASCAR is where I started my career as well. These technicians have been building cars that can go 200 miles per hour and hit a wall. These people not only know their craft, but are used to working under pressure, in a time-constrained, competitive environment. They know that they either meet the deadline, or miss the race.

Boxman In Action


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Municipal Public Transit

Some of Boxman Studio’s mechanical staff come from the transit sector, with experience building buses and streetcars. On these kinds of projects, accountability is essential; and wear and tear, inevitable. The insight, work ethic, and experience that these players bring to the team prove an invaluable asset to us, day-in and day-out.

Student Internships

I’m on the advisory board of Universal Technical Institute, which is the only educational facility that offers NASCAR technician training. This alliance means that we have access to great people who want to be deployed into the field for internships, and eventually long-term employment. We currently have a young man working on our production line from Minnesota, who travelled here to North Carolina to get his education in the auto industry.

Technical skills and training are just part of the equation that makes Boxman Studios successful. Passion for innovation, teamwork, and a willingness to take on new challenges are also essential. Our people work with new technologies and materials, and set standards in a burgeoning industry. It’s a rewarding and exciting environment that allows us to build unique activations for each client.

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