Leading the Charge for International Safety Standards


Since 2009, Boxman Studios has partnered with brands worldwide to build groundbreaking shipping container environments. And while we’ve carved our niche as the leaders in immersive experiences from containers, the cornerstone of our innovation has always been safety. We believe that the only way to transform shipping containers into mobile lounges, hospitality suites, kitchens, retail spaces, and other amazing environments – is by doing it safely.

Developing International Safety Specifications

A few years ago, shipping containers were a relatively obscure building material. Today, a multitude of people and companies modify containers for non-shipping purposes. However, without industry-wide standards, a guy with a blowtorch in a field somewhere can modify a container and create a structure which could potentially hurt the people who congregate in it.

A tragic scenario such as this could damage the concept of utilizing containers for non-shipping purposes. For example, brands may not trust the structures for events. That’s why here at Boxman Studios we’re working toward implementing international specifications that clearly define best practices and delineate the safest way to do what we do.

This way, whether it’s that guy in a field, or a company across the world, when anyone modifies a container they can do it safely and without compromising the integrity of the structures they build. By developing universal standardization, we help people who want to work with shipping containers do it the right way.

Committed to Safety

At Boxman Studios we are breaking new ground for the safe modification of shipping containers. From adhering to stringent ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) codes and standards, to utilizing external quality control inspectors, we do not self-regulate. And we do not wear rose-colored glasses. We understand that people will be congregating in our structures. That’s why we demand external and objective evidence that our techniques and structures are 100% safe.

Our strict policies and procedures ensure that everyone who interacts with our clients’ activations is safe. Sharing these specifications with the world will bring a higher level of responsibility to the industry as a whole. Safety is too important to keep to ourselves.