In The News


In the wake of the 2012 Democratic National Convention here in our hometown of Charlotte, we received some pretty solid press for one of our activations. Namely, the big one with all the colorful shipping containers. Here are links to some of the coolest stories about it over the last week.

From GQ: “The Google Hangout is Awesome. Let Us Show You Why”

From The Next Web: “Check Out The Awesome Popup Googleplex at the DNC, Featuring Shipping Containers”

From Business Insider: “Google Has Used Shipping Containers To Build A Big Presence At The Democratic National Convention”

From Bag News: “Corporate Invasion: DNC, RNC as Google Hangout”

From the Charlotte Observer: “Google Opens its DNC Home Base, and a Charlotte Company is Behind the Design”

From PSFK: “Google Uses Shipping Containers to Brand Itself at DNC”

From ABC News: “What It’s Like to Hangout at Google DNC”

We’re sure there are more things floating around out there in the ether, so if you see something interesting please pass it along.